Wednesday, March 25, 2015

IP License can be used to create a PMSI

Contech Enterprises Ltd. v Vegherb, LLC, 2015 BCCA 99

While security interests in IP have been the topic of law reform projects, conferences and academic articles over the past decade or more, we do not have many of cases directly on point. The BCCA decision in Contech is a welcome development because it is, in my view, correct in both the reasoning and the result. In many ways it is a relatively easy case which does not directly deal with the most contentious issues, such as priority conflicts when one party registers under the PPSA and the other under the relevant federal IP Act, but it does establish a solid foundation on which to address those more difficult questions. I will not discuss it in more detail here, as Professor Tony Duggan and I are planning on writing a brief case comment for the IPJ.

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