Monday, January 6, 2020

"Patent Remedies for Complex Products" Wins IPKat Patent Book of the Year Award

I am very pleased to announce that the IPKat Blog has bestowed its 2019 Book of the Year Award on the edited volume Patent Remedies and Complex Products: Toward a Global Consensus (Brad Biddle, Jorge L. Contreras, Brian J. Love & Norman V. Siebrasse eds., Cambridge Univ. Press 2019). As well as being an editor and a member of the project steering committee, I was a co-author on the chapters on Ch 1 Reasonable Royalties; Ch 2 Lost Profits and Disgorgement; Ch 3 Enhanced Damages, Litigation Cost Recovery, and Interest; Ch 4 Injunctive Relief; Ch 5 The Effect of FRAND Commitments on Patent Remedies; and I was the sole author of Ch 7 Holdup, Holdout, and Royalty Stacking: A Review of the Literature.

Readers can obtain a hard copy from CUPAmazon, or other sellers, or download the individual chapters for free using this link.

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