Thursday, December 17, 2015

Invalidity of Tadalafil Formulation Patent Upheld

Eli Lilly Canada Inc v Mylan Pharmaceuticals ULC (NOC) 2015 FCA 286 Dawson JA: Near, Boivin JJA 2015 FC 178 aff’g de Montigny J
            2,379,948 – Tadalafil formulation – CIALIS

In my post on de Montigny J’s Tadalafil formulation (NOC) decision, which held Lilly’s ‘948 patent to be invalid and not infringed, I noted that “The decision turned entirely on the facts. As counsel for Lilly stated at one point, ‘a lot of it just comes down to which expert the Court is going to go with’.” It is accordingly unsurprising that the FCA, in very brief reasons, has now affirmed “substantially for the reasons given by the Judge” [5]. The main legal ground of attack was that at one point de Montigny J had incorrectly articulated the “obvious to try” test, but the FCA held that on the whole it was clear that de Montigny J understood and applied the correct test, and so the error in his initial articulation of the test was immaterial [4].

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