Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Filgrastim Patent Obviousness Upheld on the Facts

Amgen Inc v Pfizer Canada ULC 2020 FCA 188 Stratas JA: Gleason, Laskin JJA aff’g 2020 FC 522 Southcott J

1,341,537 / filgrastim / NEUPOGEN / NIVESTYM

Southcott J at first instance in this NOC decision found Amgen’s 537 patent to be obvious on an obvious-to-try analysis in a decision that turned almost entirely on the facts. The FCA has now upheld that the decision, largely on the usual basis that read holistically, there was no overriding error, and it is not the FCA’s role to re-weigh the evidence [12]. The FCA then went further and specifically approved Southcott J’s decision, saying that even if it had reviewed the evidence de novo, it would have come to the same conclusion [13]. The FCA commended Southcott J’s analysis, saying “we consider the Federal Court’s reasons worthy of recognition for their attention to detail, their careful analysis of the rival experts and the thorough analysis throughout.

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