Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Uncontested Change of Inventorship

Qualcomm Incorporated v. Canada (Commissioner of Patents) 2016 FC 1092 Southcott J

This decision concerned an uncontested application by Qualcomm pursuant to s 52 of the Act to correct the name of the inventor on the 594 patent by adding the true inventor and deleting two incorrectly named inventors. In a previous Qualcomm decision, 2016 FC 499 (blogged here), Simpson J held that the affidavits that would be required to amend the inventorship for a pending application under s 31 are not strictly required under s 52. Qualcomm nonetheless provided affidavits, out of an abundance of caution [13], [14].

Qualcomm also sought to have certain documents recorded against the 594 patent, including a copy of replacements sheets for the PCT Declarations of Entitlement [1]. Southcott J declined to grant that relief, but without actually holding that the FC does not have the jurisdiction to grant such relief under s 52. Qualcomm did not urge the point very strongly, acknowledging that it would have other means have filing the replacement documents. Accordingly, in the absence of case law holding that s 52 authorized the FC to order the recording of documents, Southcott J declined to grant the relief, without any express holding as to whether he had the necessary authority to do so [16]-[17].

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