Monday, May 9, 2016

FC Interpretation of Transitional Patent Listing Provisions Affirmed

Gilead Sciences Inc v Apotex Inc 2016 FCA 140 Boivin JA: Pelletier, Rennie JJA aff’g 2016 FC 295 (judgment), 2016 FC 231 (reasons) Heneghan J
            2,261,619 / tenofovir (PMPA) / TRUVADA

In brief reasons delivered from the bench, the FCA has affirmed Heneghan J’s decision in favour of Apotex (blogged here) which turned on the transitional provisions of the PM(NOC) Regulations relating to patent listing, saying “we see no error of law in the Federal Court Judge’s analysis and conclusions that would warrant this Court's intervention.” [1].

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