Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Siebrasse & Cotter on Judicial Determinations of FRAND Royalties

Tom Cotter and I have just posted on SSRN a draft of a paper titled Judicial Determinations of FRAND Royalties, which will be a chapter in the forthcoming Cambridge Handbook of Technical Standardization Law (Jorge L. Contreras ed., Cambridge University Press). Here is the abstract:

This chapter from the forthcoming Cambridge Handbook of Technical Standardization Law reviews the principles and methodologies courts have used for calculating royalties for the infringement of standard-essential patents (SEPs) that the owner is obligated to license on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms. As we show, the decisions thus far -- including the U.S. decisions in Microsoft, Innovatio, Ericsson, and CSIRO, the Japanese Apple v. Samsung judgment, and Chinese Huawei v. InterDigital matter -- have tended to focus on a relatively small number of additional considerations beyond the generally applicable principles used for calculating reasonable royalties. Although reasonable minds may disagree with specific features of the relevant decisions, overall the courts (correctly, in our view) have emphasized that the owner of an SEP should receive a royalty that is proportionate to the technology’s contribution to the value of standard—a principle which, when properly applied, reduces concerns over the potential for SEPs to induce holdup and royalty stacking.

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