Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Moot NOC Proceedings Remain Moot Despite Impending CETA

Janssen Inc v Teva Canada Ltd 2015 FCA 36

This is an appeal from a decision of Barnes J in an NOC proceeding (2014 FC 1192, not yet publicly available), refusing to grant an order of prohibition [5]. The NOC was issued eight days after the judgment [6]. The patentees appealed four days later. Unsurprisingly, the FCA has dismissed the appeal as moot, in accordance with its long-established jurisprudence.

The FCA noted that while it does have the discretion to hear a moot appeal, to date it has exercised that discretion only once [8], [11]. Janssen’s main argument that the FCA should hear the appeal in this case is that Art 9 bis of the IP chapter of CETA gives all litigants “equivalent and effective rights of appeal” [12]. But as the FCA pointed out, CETA is not yet part of Canadian law [14].

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