Thursday, June 21, 2012

No Section 8 Recovery of Losses Incurred Outside Compensable Period

Teva Canada Ltd v Nycomed Canada Inc 2012 FCA 129 Evans JA:Dawson, Stratas JJA

In a brief decision upholding an order to strike portions of Teva’s statement of claim, the FCA has reaffirmed that in a claim for damages under section 8 of the NOC Regulations, losses incurred by a generic after the end of the compensable period are not recoverable, even if the losses were caused by the statutory stay. The rule was established in Merck Frosst Canada Ltd v Apotex Inc / alendronate (NOC) 2009 FCA 187 (old Regulations) and Teva Canada Ltd v Sanofi-Aventis Canada Inc / ramipril (NOC) 2011 FCA 149 (new Regulations, blogged here). This brief decision adds nothing, except to say that Sharlow JA’s dissent in the ramipril decision will not cause the FCA to reconsider: “Teva's remedy is to apply again for leave to appeal to the Supreme of Court of Canada where Justice Sharlow's dissent can be considered again, and not to re-litigate in the Federal Court and in this Court a matter that has already been decided” [11].

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