Friday, May 25, 2012

Snider J Also Rejects Validity Attacks on Section 8

Teva v Sanofi; Apotex v Sanofi / ramipril (NOC) 2012 FC 551 Snider J

Validity attacks on s 8 of the NOC Regulations were raised by Sanofi in two separate actions before Snider J, in which Teva and Apotex are seeking to recover s 8 damages. The same arguments were raised before Hughes J by AstraZeneca in similar circumstances. By agreement of the parties, the validity arguments in all three cases were argued before Snider J and Hughes J together. As described in my previous post, Hughes J rejected these arguments. In her decision dealing with this point alone, Snider J has done the same. Snider J held that most of the validity attacks raised by Sanofi did not arise on the facts of the particular disputes. On the question of whether s 8 complies with TRIPS and NAFTA, Snider J adopted the reasons of Hughes J as her own [55].

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