Monday, April 4, 2011

An Application Deemed Abandoned by Application of Law Cannot be Reinstated

M-Systems Flash Disk Pionerers Ltd v. Commissioner of Patents 2011 FCA 112 affm’g 2010 FC441

This brief decision of the FCA affirms its prior holding in DBC Marine Safety Systems Ltd. v. Canada (Commissioner of Patents), 2008 FCA 256 affm'g 2007 FC 1142, that the Commissioner has no discretion to reinstate an application that has been deemed abandoned by application of law. The only twist is that the applicant in M-Systems had argued that Rule 29, permitting the examiner to require identification of additional prior art raised in a foreign application, is inconsistent with the Act and “unconstitutional” under the s 2(e) of the Canadian Bill of Rights. Both of these last ditch arguments were rejected by de Montigny J at first instance and this was affirmed by the FCA.

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